Magnetism Detectors

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To Indicate Residual Magnetism in Iron and Steel Objects

The Magnetic Analysis Magnetism Detector is widely used by steel suppliers and fabricators to indicate the degree and polarity of residual magnetism in ferrous products.

Easy to use, simply place the base of the indicating needle against the object you are testing. The needle indicator will move to a point on the scale that represents the strength of the magnetic field of the material (in gauss). The meter scale reads 20 units on either side of a zero center point, allowing for quick identification of the field’s polarity as well as the level of the magnetic field.

Full scale deflection is equal to approximately twenty gauss. When checking magnetized bar stock or tubing, a reading of 10 or less is usually acceptable. Each piece should be tested separately, however, so that the reading is not affected by adjacent parts.

Sensitivity & Calibration

Magnetism Detectors are calibrated prior to shipment, as signified by the sticker applied and initialed by a member of MAC’s Quality Control staff (does not come with a certificate of calibration). Calibration to a Level of +/- 1 gauss at 10 gauss is performed utilizing a calibration fixture, calibrated with a gauss meter which has been calibrated in accord with standards traceable to the N.I.S.T.

For those applications where the sensitivity of the instrument, as supplied, is of high significance, the full-scale reading (+/- 20) is obtained when the meter is subjected to a field whose known intensity is 20 gauss.

(Calibration Certificates are available upon request at time of order.)


*Prices in effect June, 2013 and subject to change without notice